Best Airport's Carpet Mat in the World

Appropriate observation of George Pendle through websites Carpets for Airports

Changi Airport

One day you arrive at an airport in the world, no matter where you're traveling, but there may be something apart from your observation, that the moment you step into the airports room, under your feet, the carpet at the airport.

A fan of carpet, George Pendle, who is also a British writer then began collecting photographs of the carpets at the airport that he had flown since 2002, even through websites developed.

George Pendle showed that some terlhat carpet at the airport is very well maintained, but on the other hand there are airports that lack of attention to matters related to the beauty of the rugs in the airport lobby.

Maybe one day in the course of your tour, immediately come to observe this, you step on the carpet and observe its beauty.

Here are seven of the most attractive airports carpets according to Carpets for Airports.

1. Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, Alaska
2. Heathrow Airport, London
3. Athens Airport
4. International Airport of Mexico
5. San Francisco Airport
6. Sydney Airport
7. Gatwick Airport, London

It's interesting to see the reality in front of the eyes, when the passengers off the plane, they were greeted by various charms around the airport, and may you one day, do not forget to provide a moment to look down, the carpets at the airport.

(Source HA Samosir - CNN Indonesia, Telegraph /Image M Kretyawan)


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