Tifa, Papua Traditional Musical Instruments

Can not be played at random, as they relate to cultural activities


Island in the east of the islands of Indonesia, has many unique, among other well known is a tourist area known by lovers of diving from abroad, Raja Ampat.

Tourist areas are still virgin and is better known for its natural beauty and traditional culture, save a lot of curiosity, mystery of a unique period compared to the modern world.

Dani tribe warrior at Wamena, Baliem Valley

In addition to the unique natural and cultural traditions, this area is also known for its tifa musical instruments, the instrument is always available at any time at the head traditional house, but must have permission from chiefs - Ondofolo, if you want to play, as presented by the Papua Tourism Office.

The Festival

Seeing the unique shape you immediately think how to play, made of wooden beams vacated the middle to form a tube, with carvings and sculptures typical threaded Papua.

The top of the timber covered with reindeer skins to produce a distinctive sound, and only played when residents mourned when the Ondofolo dies. But the development of tourism make this instrument to be more frequently played, especially when the arts festival that gathers a lot of people, among others, the Lake Sentani Festival on 20-23 June.

Eastern region which always brings charm, mystery and curiosity, that land of light from the east.

(Source HA Samosir - CNN Indonesia, Papua Tourism Office /Images D Rattu - Jayapura, M Kretyawan)


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