Most Expensive and Cheapest City about Restaurant in a Hotel

Based on the annual release of Club Sandwich Index

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Of course you want to reach across the exciting cities in the world, including those in the list below, but a report on the cost of living in the cities has become so high, especially for the affairs of the food in the restaurant at the hotels.

For example, Geneva is at the top, citing news from the Telegraph, the food you want to enjoy in a hotel, the average tourists have reached into the pocket £ 56.52 per day. Then the following sequence is the city of Paris, at least you have to spend £ 47.33.

Street of Paris

Reports of Club Sandwich Index (CSI), which is contained in the website, making the average price of the four food menu options available in almost all the hotels of the day, that is like a club sandwich, burger, a cup of coffee and a glass of wine.

Here's a list of the Most Expensive City for a restaurant of a hotel in 2015.

1. Geneva
2. Paris
3. Hong Kong
4. Oslo
5. London

6. Seoul
7. Stockholm
8. Tokyo
9. Singapore
10. New York

As for the Cheapest City based on reports from CSI.

1. Bogota
2. Mexico City
3. Rio de Janeiro
4. Madrid
5. Bangkok

6. Buenos Aires
7. Toronto
8. Berlin
9. New Delhi
10. Moscow

As an illustration of the city of Bogota, when you are in travel to this city, then a day people just requires a fee of £ 19.60, and other cities are Mexico City, because as a traveler, you only require a fee of £ 20.95 a day. It would be an interesting experience, in a great sightseeing trip.

(Source U Widowati - CNN Indonesia, Telegraph, /Images L Pandjaitan, M Paath Djojonegoro)


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