Types of Tea and Time to Enjoy

The best and the right times to enjoy it with friends/family

Red Tea

If you are a fan of tea, would be able to know some specific types can provide mood for mind and heart, as well as the benefits for the people around you.

Tea has a specific type and is able to provide the best mood when we quite carefully watched, and turned out a variety of types of tea can provide different effects on the body, because of a certain type of tea that match enjoyed in the morning, noon, and night.

Citing an article on CNN Indonesia, as said by Trixie Anandita of TWG Tea, the perfect time for tea connoisseurs will provide the best benefits for the days that will be passed later.

Black Tea - very precise served in the mornings. Types of tea to oxidation processes at most, creating a more powerful theine so that people will be more literate. This type of tea can pump energy to prepare the move all day.

Tea Time

Green Tea - served at noon. Often also called oolong tea, the oxidation process was so often called blue tea. "The process of oxidation that between black tea and white tea that did not go through the process of oxidation. The body also happens suitable for daytime as it is quite light," said Trixie.

Red Tea or White Tea - served in the evening. The type of tea that does not undergo oxidation process so that the effect is lighter because of the lack of content of theine. Even the type of tea is beneficial for pregnant women, because a calming effect.

In addition it was found also other types of tea, such as tea with the basic ingredients of Camelia sinensis, red tea and use of Asphalatus linearis plant of South African origin. Certainly interesting things like this be basic knowledge for fans of tea, or maybe the tourists who were at the tourist spot, especially for the benefit of health and fitness and well appreciated.

(Source HA Samosir - CNN Indonesia, TWG Tea /Images Pingkan Djayasupena, E Widi)


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