Countries with the Worst Flight Delay

Based on data from the website compensation for airline passengers,

New York

As a travelers who frequently travel to various places in the world, certainly suffered flight delays has become a norm, but rather something like this can be noticed by the tourist.

As airline passengers is certainly a reasonableness to know their rights, while experiencing delays and left without information, although passengers shall receive compensation, for example in Europe, just need the time delay for three hours to get a compensation of 500 euros.

Through research, countries like Portugal is one country that makes most travelers suffer from delays in flight schedules.

Other data as follows, flying to the UK - 51 percent last year, departures from 1 June to 31 August delayed or canceled. Then flying to France - 45 percent, to Spain - 37 percent, and to Turkey - 33 percent, flew to Greece are most likely to be on time (delays or cancellations) - 14 percent and Egypt - 19 percent.

Other results showed that delays may occur at the airport of a country.

1. Istanbul, Turkey (both Atatürk Airport and Sabiha Gökçen Airport) - 64 percent
2. Nice, southern France - 64 percent
3. Lisbon, Portugal - 61 percent
4. Heathrow, UK - 54 percent
5. Gatwick, England - 40 percent
6. Manchester, UK - 29 percent

Even through other research, a hotel reservation site on the day of arrival,, gives another picture (for delays ranging from one to three hours).

1. Flights from Mauritius to Gatwick - 25 percent
2. Flights to Thailand, such as Phuket towards Gatwick - 25 percent
3. Flights from New York to Glasgow - 23 percent

At the end of flight delays or flight delay has become one part of your tour, and tourists have made it a wealth of inner tourists in the journey itself.

(Source WA Prodjo – Kompas Travel, The Telegraph /Image L Priyanti - NY)


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