All the Disney Theme Parks Prohibit the Selfie Lovers

Increasing the number of prohibition of various entertainment centers in the world

We already can guess if the ban is aimed at selfie lovers from around the world will be growing, the rules we have heard earlier, when a number of entertainment centers one by one began to prohibit the use of accessories of this camera for security reasons.

Citing an article in the CNN Indonesia sites, starting from yesterday formally Walt Disney Co. issued a statement would prohibit the use of this stick and applicable in all Disney theme parks around the world.

We will soon find out when to visit, since Tuesday last week, a number of Disney parks, such as in Orlando, Florida, and Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and following the start on Wednesday at Disney parks in Hong Kong and Paris.

Indeed there is a bit of an adjustment, namely the use of a stick selfie when visitors are in the park and not while in a vehicle the game, referring to the statement of Disney spokeswoman, Kim Prunty, quoting Reuters.

Although in practice in the field, this rule later violated by visitors, so Disney is getting firmly applying the rules of this prohibition.

Here are some amusement parks or entertainment center in the world that has established rules banning the use of this selfie stick.

1. The Smithsonian Institution, Washington (including a number of major museum in the world)
2. Palace of Versailles, Paris
3. The Colosseum, Rome
4. The famous music festival - Coachella and Lollapalooza
5. Universal Studios
6. SeaWorld Entertainment Inc (only in limited areas around the site)

Selfie activity is fun, but on the other hand disturbing impact on visitors or other people around us, so it is understandable if more and more application of this rule applies in various places in the world.

(Source U Widowati – CNN Indonesia, Reuters /Images L Priyanti - Florida)


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