Delicious Food That Makes Body Odor

Certain types of foods that are easily found in everyday life

We do like certain foods, especially if the food is highly preferred, such as beef or certain vegetables with special seasoning.

Liked the food certainly reasonable for most people, but there are consequences if the food is consumed in excess, although on the one hand can give strength, impact on health, and even make us to be more fresh and beautiful.

But, do not forget the other side besides making our body fragrant, citing FoxNews, there are actually some foods that could actually make the body so smelly.

Certain content in food can make our bodies become smelly, sulfur content in it can affect the metabolism of the compound in the body.

Here are the types of food that are at risk in our body odor.

1. Red meat
2. Curry or cumin
3. Garlic
4. Asparagus
5. Cruciferous vegetables
6. Fibrous foods
7. Durian
8. Coffee

Of course we asked to be prudent when they want to consume these food types, if too much is consumed, perhaps because we like or want to satisfy hunger and addiction to certain foods.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia /Image E Widi)


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