Culinary traveling alongside Elderly people

Culinary hunting for the elderly is very different from young people

Mang Engking Resto, Bogor, West Java

When you get older will certainly present many obstacles, different when a young age, so when we want to invite them to be traveled, need special handling in order to travel well underway.

Now what if we wanted to invite them to hunt various types of cuisine?

Some tips for dining out with the elderly be a fun process.

Elderly family friendly restaurant. Should indeed conduct a survey in advance, for example through reviews about the restaurant. Of course we want a quiet atmosphere, clean, comfortable, if necessary, a bit conservative, ease of access, and friendly to the elderly.

Indonesian culinary

Spicy food. Note the type of food that has excessive spicy taste, should not be offered in the elderly. This is also true for small children, of course.

Foods containing MSG. Avoid foods that contain MSG as a flavor enhancer, because they the elderly people are vulnerable to the impacts that are bad for health, such as headache and stiff neck.

Excessive sugar. Elderly advised not too sweet culinary eating, excessive sugar, because it can increase the risk of blood sugar and diabetes.

Reserve a table close to the toilet. Of course this has to be one of the considerations, so that they are comfortable when they want to go to the toilet, and not too far to reach.


The kind of food they want to eat. Of course we need to pay attention to their desire by asking what food they want to eat. As a form of appreciation, and it is better to immediately know the food they like.

Bringing drugs/medicine. This is certainly a major concern, such as drugs that should normally be taken after meals, the drug-consuming schedule, even do not hesitate to bring the drug ulcers, diarrhea and headache.

Photographed moments with family. They love moments like this, ask for help the staff restaurant to take your family photo, complete with their grandchildren and small children. So they stay entertained during the meal.

Sightseeing trips as well as culinary hunting has become a fun part of the trip with the family, certainly very good preparation and provide security for all.

(Source Michael - Kompas Travel /Images Wiesye Baraoh)


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