Sakura in Washington

Sakura (or cherry blossom) Yoshino blooming in March 22-24, 2016

The Sakura

Sakura does not necessarily mean Japan, American continent call it cherry blossom, you can find them on certain weeks in the United States, particularly in the state capital at around March each year.

Feel the atmosphere and you will be entertained by beautiful colorful flowers in every twig trees.

This time an exciting special event to celebrate the blossoming of Sakura flowers there, the Sakura National Festival 104th running for a month has begun, citing news from USA Today, Reagan National and Dulles International Airport to take part by adding a series of pink colored lights, activity themed Sakura, and a series of promotions.

The place is very concerned with the presence of beautiful flowers, for example, the airport in the city, such as the article cited in the above paragraph, Main Terminal at Washington Dulles International Airport is bathed in pink colored lights every night.

National Monument, Washington DC

When you become part of it all there, it seems you are wrapped in light pink-colored light, radiating from the glass wall in the parking area at Reagan National Airport. Who has not been surprised by the situation, even any passengers at airports will enjoy their journey with colorful Sakura flowers.

Various ways each city to show their trademark, and who thought that when Sakura is always synonymous with Japan.

Townspeople arrive, they are appreciated, among other promotions dedicated parking so festival participants can ride the subway into the city.

The article even enthusiastically quoting Jack Potter, CEO and Head of the Airport Authority. "Traveler can see colorful Sakura, theme, and promotions as they walked along the airport or see blooms in the area of ​​the airport."

(Source S Galikano - CNN Indonesia, USA Today /Images Inna Hafadz, N Nugraheni)


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