Why Aircraft Seats must be Upright while Trying to Land?

Referring to the provisions of the Civil Aviation Authority

At the airport

Cabin crew on the plane began busy preparing everything, the pilot announced that the plane was preparing the landing process within a few moments. Passenger beside me began to enforce his chair, he seemed to know that this is so regulated.

True, the cabin crew will announce that the passengers immediately enforce seat when it will land, the same thing they would be ordered when the plane about to take off.

Keep in mind, most passengers do feel comfortable if the aircraft landing process, when their seat in the chair position a little fall down and then have to re-erect annoyed because it will land on the grounds of safety.

Safety is a major factor in the low, so there is no other choice but to follow the provisions of the flight, as the quote from the Independent, that the seats upright comply with safety requirements. Passengers who are in a position to lean it will be difficult to adjust when a state of emergency.

The Passenger

Referring to the spokesman of the Civil Aviation Authority, "In emergency conditions when landing, passengers will be notified immediately by sitting upright idle position. This position has been based on research and analysis of the plane crash the previous injury."

Naturally, as a passenger, what is done by a friend next to my seat on the plane is correct and not based on the consideration of convenience only, but from studies of several aircraft belonging to the airline, such as the Boeing in 2004 and 2013, there were 58 percent of fatal accidents happen when the aircraft is in a position to decline and during landing.

Citing articles from the portal site CNN Indonesia, approximately 22 percent of aircraft accidents occur during the process of takeoff and only 10 percent while at altitude. Ten percent when central air taxi, or wait for takeoffs.

In other words, safety and urgency to be vigilant is the main provisions are important as the responsibility of the airline, and passengers or the travelers into the main part is important according to these principles.

(Source E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Independent /Images Singapore Airlines)


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