Sweet Snacks Boutique in New York

A cool shop that got title as The Best Cupcakes in New York

Cupcakes - illustration

The New York Times to be willing to give that title to them, let's say one day you visit this city, and might want to try the sweets, try to go through and stopped.

Maybe you want to various places of interest in the city, reminded you of the atmosphere of the famous movie, go to like Madison Square Garden, Central Park, Broadway, Liberty Statue, Brooklyn Bridge, 15th Street, 42nd Street, Times Square, and wow ... There are many more!

Traveled always open spaces of imagination in the minds of tourists visiting New York, given the choices and deciding priorities, but let your heart calm first. What if the culinary hunt?

A type of cake from the American people need to be well you feel, serving sweet and adorable, The Magnolia Bakery booth, where the location of these outlets? You can go to the West Village area, there is a counter of their store, looks pretty, and soon presented a wide selection of sweet cakes, cupcakes.

Magnolia's, New York

Try some like Red Velvet Cupcake with Whipped Vanilla Icing. The sensation will enter the entire mouth cavity, special seasoning dish poking around your tongue, the combination of Red Velvet and Vanilla ended so sweet and delicious in the mouth. Crazy!

It might look small cakes, but when you add a cup of coffee, it is much more enjoyable.

New York or people always call it the "Big Apple", plenty of tempting when you to go there, but try and sweet tidbit is going to make is always remembered. Certainly.

A small place and it looks simple, beautiful design store located at 401 Bleecker Street and W. 11th Street, New York, but you will love their cake dish, say before visiting other places favored by tourists in the city.

(Source S Syaaf - Kompas Travel /Images Main Street Cupcakes, Magnolia's Bakery)


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