Cities World Travel that Vulnerable on Pickpocketing

Most occur in major cities in mainland Europe

Street of Barcelona

Travel options to Europe would indeed be fun for travelers, considering the many attractions choice that is able to tease the imagination of the tourists who come to the cities.

However, all privileges in major tourist cities in the world, especially in continental Europe, puts you at risk is enough to make hassles. Other cities outside of European cities are Buenos Aires and Hanoi.

Given the criminal offense of pickpocketing are common there.

Risks that could happen to make you have to have a certain attitude, take care of it for sure. They, pickpocket group did not work alone, but in groups, so it is difficult to know their movements.

Of course all the things that can happen to make you have to be certain, keep luggage properly. You do not want the excitement when he traveled to bring hassles. Citing articles on the website of The Independent, writing about 10 cities are commonly used as a tourist destination, but vulnerable in the event of pickpocketing.

Barcelona, ​​Spain. Just imagine the data travel through the city, about 7.5 million tourist arrivals in 2014, they were advised to be careful when you visit Las Ramblas area, pedestrian paths are very famous, besides other places.

Rome, Italy. You are prompted wary when visiting areas that iconic historical buildings, as usual crowds also invited pickpockets.

Prague, Czech Republic. The streets in the city is very crowded, be careful with the people around you.

Madrid, Spain. Regions such as the flea market El Rasti and Metro are prone to pickpocketing some point, even the museum sometimes becomes a place of their action.

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Paris, France. Be careful with the crowd, when you're in the area around the Eiffel Tower, Musee du Louvre, and around Metro.

Florence, Italy. When you fascinated by Michaelangelo sculpture, often the opportunity came up, not everyone comes to enjoy the statue.

Buenos Aires, Argentina. A city in South America, a wily pickpocket with mustard trick, they will put mustard on the back of your body as you fall of bird droppings. Of course you panic, then one will try to help you. Carefully, still keep your possessions, especially mobile phones.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands. A city renowned for comfort and welcoming for tourists. Do not be lulled, because there remains the possibility of pickpocketing. Be careful with the tourist crowds in the city center.

Athens, Greece. Cities with an outdoor monuments and attractions which lure many tourists. The more crowded the more have to be careful.

Hanoi, Vietnam. Some places need to watch out for, such as The Old Quarter or Hoan Kiem District with historic monuments and buildings with incredible architecture, but the thief will be partying.

Famous cities in the world with tourist visits, besides being able to amaze the tourists, but saved another thing that will take you on a troubling situation. Be careful indeed attitudes need to be prepared early, before travel.

(Source T Wahyuni ​​- Indonesia CNN, The Independent /Images E Puspa, A Soekirno, R Rumambi)


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