Traveling to Different Countries Over the Past Three Years

The pair was likely choose the Airbnb as a place to stay

Michael and Debbie Campbell

The place to stay is one of the considerations before embarking on a sightseeing trip, you'd never experienced that before, despite already chosen a destination.

Experience a journey undertaken by the couple, Michael Campbell, 69, and Debbie Campbell, 58 can be an inspiration for many people, especially pensioners to travel and live happy, when they travel in recent times.

They care about all that once they are in, you can read on their blog sites on the site Great! They want their readers able to enjoy the story of the trip.

Many interesting and exciting experience that can be read, as described in the article on the site Lonely Planet, specifically they prefer Airbnb during the visit, to date, 49 countries, and stay at 109 different places on Airbnb.

You will be fascinated by their stories, places of tourist interest, even they had to stay at a country house in the land of Ireland, and you will be more like the stories that are arranged on the blog, the story of the tropical pretty house in Mexico and their search for a place to stay in Cuba.

Seeing the age of the couple, you will be amazed, as if they were dead tired, always running, and always achieve their goals.

Interesting ideas to be done, isn’t it? Just imagine, they had planned a following trip, this is not over. Michael and Debbie Campbell said.

(Source Y Margaretta – Kompas Travel, Lonely Planet, Michael and Debbie Campbell /Image SeniorNomads Blogspot)


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