Women Hair Beauty when Holidaying on a Beach

Enjoy your holiday with attention to certain things

Dreamland Beach, Bali

Vacation at the beach is fun for anyone, of course for the women who want to vacation in an exotic place, swimming with special friends or people nearby. Would not that be a wonderful thing, that is fun for you?

But. Consider the following three things, I found while reading an article in a women's website, that the sun, chlorine and salt water that it can damage the hair of women.

Not fun for them. Certainly.

An interesting article on the site, writes that there are four practical protection to keep your hair on the beach, based on advice from a hairdresser in New York, USA, Nathan Rosenkranz, for women to stay beautiful and glowing.

Protection of the hair with leave-in conditioner. According to Rosenkranz, "On a hot day at the beach, a lot of hair exposed to the chemicals in the pool, salt water, and sun exposure. These things negative effect on your hair."

Furthermore, Rosenkranz suggest to women to apply leave-in conditioner before leaving the room and started to sunbathe on the beach or by the pool, "Your hair will absorb the conditioner that protect the hair from salt water and chlorine."

Use a wide hat, so the hair becomes damp. You must remember that sunlight, salt water, and sweat, moisture can reduce the hair strands.

Necessarily has negative impact, because the hair becomes dry and brittle, "Protect your hair using a wide-brimmed hat under the direct light of the sun."

He was advised to use a leave-in conditioner, in order to work optimally and of course the wide use of hats.

Taming frizzy hair with a moisturizer. Women have realized that to maintain moisture is the key to relieving curly hair that tends to be fluffy.

"Moisture is a miracle for curly hair," use a good moisturizer can organize your beautiful curly hair.

Manipulation of fatty sweat with nutrients. The atmosphere of the beach or the pool by the beach, the heat needs to be addressed in several ways, body sweating, scalp reacts with excessive sweating, so the hair is dirty with patches of dust, and your hair will look dull.

A good suggestion in order to use hair oil to provide nutrients to the scalp, so the sweat that comes out does not expose the poison to the hair strands.

Vacation should bring joy to your friends, family members, and of course a good preparation is required before leaving the location. Have a good vacation!

(Source Usihana - Kompas Female, Health /Image N Irana Sari)


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