Cities with Most Expensive Lodging Rates

New York into a city with the most expensive lodging rates in the world

Central Park, New York

Tourists visiting New York continues to increase from year to year, and according to the record of 2015 be a year with an incredible surge in traffic. The last record for last year's visit reached nearly 60 million travelers.

It turned out that the city's appeal exceeds the risk of costs to be borne, New York is known as the city with the most expensive cost of lodging, the tourists have to anticipate the cost burden would they spend it later, when arriving in the city.

According to a survey of the property company, Savils, said that the value of accommodation several cities around the world have interesting dynamics. Like the city of London, which decreased with decreasing property value of British currency, the pound sterling after the 'Brexit' moment.

The results of this study reviewed in sites Lonely Planet, and make a picture of the average price of accommodation in New York one year priced at 114.010 US dollars, and is an increase of two percent from 2015.

Ninth Avenue, New York

We can view the 10 cities in the world with the most expensive accommodation.

1. New York
2. Hong Kong
3. London
4. Tokyo
5. Paris

6. San Francisco
7. Singapore
8. Dubai
9. Sidney
10. Los Angeles

Despite the cities above is believed to be expensive in lodging costs, as stated in the above paragraph, does not make the tourists discouraged them to travel toward the cities.

(Source S Agmasari – Kompas Travel, Lonely Planet /Images L Priyanti)


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