Turtles Bother Flight Schedules at New York Airports

A group of turtles crossing the runway

Flights delayed at New York airport, would be upsetting to anyone, even if you are preparing to start your tour in the mainland United States or other destinations.

However delays flight schedule always brings a sense of disappointment, confusion, annoyance become one in your head, for sure.

This time a nice story, at once funny, because of delays in the plane about to take off at John F. Kennedy Airport, New York, whereas in the passenger cabin is already preparing to fly into the blue sky.

They found a warning, citing an article in Lonely Planet, the plane had to postpone, for a turtle crossing a runway. Haha. :))

That's great, isn't it?

The news is interesting, because that's the case, dozens of turtles on the type of diamondback terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin) often migrate down the runway one of the busiest in the world, as the beginning of their annual ritual before mating.

Further news said that a saltwater marshes near their habitat in Jamaica Bay into a destination, they are the turtles want to carry out the marriage. Mating occurs in June and July, then cross the runway 4L to lay eggs in the sand.

Although this impair its flight, but some positive steps done, The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has employed a dedicated team to study the migratory habits of this group of turtles.

Of all done so that all happy, turtles can continue to perform marriages and lay eggs, they are protected from the runway, and still ensure the comfort of the airline staff and passengers.

Anyone who was at the airport of New York, certainly can understand, regardless it disrupt air travel, you sort were on a sightseeing trip can be aware of them, the turtles need to be protected, on the other hand aviation safety may also progressing well.

(Source A Khoiri - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet /Image L Priyanti)


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