New York Limiting Residential Rentals Business

Travel trends make the home rental business increased in New York

Times Square, New York

Home rental or place of residence for the purposes of tourism became a reliable business sectors, along with the development of tourism in various places in the world, especially the city of New York which became one of the world's favorite tourist destinations.

Rental business is a popular place to stay the first time since introduced by Airbnb, so no wonder the tourists get a chance to choose a flexible way to get a place to stay while in the area or tourist destinations.

Increasingly widespread, including in New York, chances are wide open, tourists keep coming, but the effort offered by many including the Airbnb started to challenged. The city government will restrict the people who will register their residential place to Airbnb, and reduce opportunities among medium-sized cities have the opportunity revenue from tourism.

As written in Telegraph, rental housing business in New York rose sharply as should other large cities in the world such as Berlin, although with certain rules for homeowners who are prohibited from renting out their holdings.

New York

New York saw a certain impact, so it needs to be some kind of new law that limits and issuing fines for rental property owners who leave their homes for at least 30 consecutive days.

Of course, with the presence of a bill would restrict the leasing activity carried out by residents of the city, considering the fines to be imposed, at US$ 1,000 and US$ 7,500 for those who commit repeated violations.

Strong reactions from various leasing operator or the travel agent trips, because they want to see clearly the economic governance rules between Airbnb and service providers of conventional dwelling.

The impact will soon be felt, the user community certainly has vigilance against businesses that do not have clear regulations, both in terms of security or taxes. Eventually it will have an impact, on the world tourism will find a way out, travelers will find the best way, traveled and save money, as well as fun while in New York.

(Source E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Telegraph /Images L Priyanti)


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