Choosing Friendly Hotels to Your Children

Travelling with small children need to prepare the right hotel for them

Hotels for kids strongly consider many things, ranging from different types of rooms, facilities available to health factors become one of the main factors. Say small children under the age of five, the facility at the places to stay and comfort are concerned.

Despite today many hotel shortly declaration as a hotel friendly to children. Of course we need to be convinced about it.

An article written by a female journalist, Sri Anindiati Nursastri, at a tourist site, Kompas Travel, quite worthy of the attention of parents prior to travel. Especially it is important for your children.

Hand Shower. You need a flexible shower with a handle, can be held and transferred. Of course you want easily while bathing the child, as opposed to a head shower that could only pour the water from above.

Non-Smoking Rooms. We recommend that you make sure to get a non-smoking room, so far away from cigarette smoke.

Rooms with Double Beds. Double bed room is needed, so that the child can sleep with relief. Often, the hotel provides a bit of standard rooms with double beds and most are rooms with twin beds.

Food menu. Keep your baby's health, should be provided a special menu for children, especially at breakfast. Kids-friendly hotel always serve kids menu at breakfast.

Swimming Pool. They liked this water activity, and you need to make sure the hotel provides the swimming pool for children, so they can be satisfied playing water.

Kids TV Channel. Of course, five-star hotels have cable TV channels, you need to make sure the child channels, such as Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon or Disney Channel.

Kids Club. You can check out the hotel where you stay, whether they have a kids-club facility or a special play area for their little guests?

Access to the room. Choose a room that is not too far away from the lobby, the hotel will make sure it is for you and your family. So that children are not confused, because the room is too far away. Additionally you can easily carry the child if they was asleep.

Resort. Say you do not find kids-friendly hotel, another option is a resort area. It is appropriate that resort have more amenities than the business hotel, such as child pool, kids menu, and a special room for children to play.

Location. This is important because the selection of a hotel near the tourist spots. Your kids will love being near the attraction, they do not get bored because of the length of the trip, or traffic jams.

The cheerful voice of small children in the hotel lobby, in the bed room and the other playing rooms can provide a certain nuance, excitement for the family. And chose the hotel for them properly is that particularly since the initial planning, prior to departing for a healthy family holiday.

(Source SA Nursastri - Kompas Travel /Image G Badaruzzaman)


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