Free Ice Cream when Smart in Mathematics

James Karagiannis of Buffalo New York offered for children who are good at math

Venchi Ice Cream - illustration

Ways of marketing promotion is always in the mind of every person who liked the method of sale, many ways present through imagination and it happened to someone in Buffallo, New York.

He has been known as 'Ice Creamcycle Dude' that has a unique way to attract customers. So says an article in the Daily Meal, Karagiannis, 36, offers free ice cream for children who can answer questions in mathematics and history that he proposed.

Even the method of introduction is becoming more widespread, such as children get a bonus if they are willing to dispose of waste in place. Additional course various other flavors of ice cream. And, for children who are less precise answer, do not worry, so as not to upset the children buy at a discount, ice cream for $ 1. Fair enough, isn't it?

Marketing methods like this certainly gained widespread attention for parents, his ice cream outlets are immediately got a good name, such as the articles at the site Business Insider, a positive personal project.

Excerpts from the site goes on to say that Karagiannis perform simple marketing ploy and a good education at the same time, he also did not hesitate to raise funds through voluntary donations from local residents, in order to continue to provide ice cream.

As he wrote the status updates on the social media site Facebook, "Giving is a good thing to do, but I prefer to give the lesson behind it."

Doing business at the same time spreading the good of the community around him, he also said to share the environment with a better way and instill moral values ​​was good also in children.

Until one day they become adults better, the ice cream is only a means.

(Source L Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, Daily Meal, Business Insider /Image Stevi Lee)


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