US celebrate National French Fry Day

A unique national day to enjoy classic food every July 13

The french fries, anyone who does not like it? Culinary specialties looks simple but it can satisfy its fans wherever they are.

You will love it when your food is on the table, although tasted so simple, but its appeal is outstanding. They were in America called by various names, such as chips, fries, chips finger or even better known internationally as french fries.

That's how the story develops. Always raised the question at the beginning, what the term 'french'? You know that the fries were not from France, but from Belgium and appeared in about the 1600s. They say that during World War I when US soldiers snacked on chips in Belgium, who speak French, so they call it the 'french fries'.

And indeed any person the name of this food, we always agree, the taste is good, however the simple looks of it.

Try to see the shape of this little food, long thin shape, the fries are cut long and thin dry then fried and served with sauce or mayonnaise.

It was so tempting, isn't it? Anybody would have liked, children and adults in various occasions as they relax together in a holiday generally, as a supplementary food or even a main meal together piece or two pieces of fried chicken, burgers and chilli sauce.

You would think, why the July 13 is set as the National French Fry Day in the United States? Let's look for some sources, among others from the site Mahalo, likely french fries big day was initiated by the food industry or the restaurant business. Although the story further previously been delivered at the beginning of this article.

Yes, they are very creative to make increasingly favored by many.

Despite everything that has happened, try the fries are always tempting moments with someone special to spend the days gone by. Even a cup of coffee can top everything off, and it was very cool, isn't it?

(Source L Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, Mahalo /Images R Rumambi, L Priyanti)


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