Fettered by Post-Travel Blues Syndrome

People who frequently experience feelings of longing to go on vacation again


Holidays have arrived, wanted to go to various tourist attractions, or invite those closest to jointly perform a holiday trip. Doing a lot of fun with family or friends for a relaxing holiday.

Who does not want to experience such an atmosphere? You will not reject it, isn’t it?

The din in the sights, people coming and going, all the happy faces, it did not want to let go of great moments like that.

All the idiosyncrasies that occur will end. Back to the routine life, and it was very hard to start a normal life again. You even have experienced it. Feelings prop before the move back next week, it's really heavy.

The burden of feeling that was disturbing to begin normal daily life, the syndrome is often referred to as post-travel blues.

Through-reviewed articles that draw on a lifestyle website, CNN Indonesia, take a quote from the Huffington Post article, describing how people are often felt homesick to return to travel, even though they had just a few hours of arriving home. It makes some people no longer productive.

Indeed, when it happens to you, it's annoying, isn’t it. Let's try to fix.

1. Planning the next trip.

Assign yourself to always excited, there's still tomorrow. And you can be overcome by arranging the next travel trip. This is the right time to make plans, look for the best price (and cheaper) to hotels and airplanes.

You can do other research beforehand, read a number of reviews of the tourist sites. Then rose and began to work in normal life. Collect money, then on the day and time, immediately on vacation again.

2. Leaving a few days to adjust.

It needs to do, the adjustment to normal life after arriving home. Set the time you get home, try the best time in the afternoon or evening, in order to have time to rest adequately when tomorrow back to work.

Better if spend a few days (maybe you can provide one or two days) before starting work next week.

3. Documenting the journey.

You can amuse yourself, try to review the photographs while on vacation, because it can treat feelings. Your heart becomes more calm and excited, because the interesting and unique memories with people nearby.

Even you can make little notes through the photos, it was very entertaining, and you'll smile to yourself, it's so much fun! Believe me, all the records and photographs during the holidays will make you get up and excited.

Life is beautiful and should be so valuable, the holiday is the most healthy means for traveling with friends or family.

(Source M Nasiri – CNN Indonesia, Huffington Post /Image N Rosdiana)


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