Travelers' Visits Who 'Troublesome' Italia

The visit of the tourists on the one hand created trouble for the locals

Cinque Terre

Tourism in Italy did make a lot of tourists set the country where the pizza place of origin is included in the list of mandatory visit, even for those who've been there always comes the desire to come back.

Italy gives charm for tourists from around the world are hard to say, so well known that on the one hand cause numerous problems for the country.

Citing articles on a lifestyle website, CNN Indonesia, said that the influx of foreign tourists in recent years to several tourist destinations in Italy is endangered.

Undoubtedly, the presence of so many tourists, crowded and crammed in various tourist sites. Excerpt from the sites Lonely Planet mentions various tourist location, from Rome to Capri, Florence to Venice and Pompeii to the Cinque Terre, all experienced similar problems. The increase in the number of tourists by five percent in Venice at this season, slightly higher Florence, Capri rises to nine percent, and the Cinque Terre National Park reached 20 percent.


Let's say you were there, would have agreed to see the hubbub of the various tourist sites, especially when it is the holiday season.

The Local reports from the site that the tourist area suffocated under a soaring number of tourists, local governments and concerned citizens be worried about the preservation of the cultural heritage of the country as well as their environment.

Of course this affects more widespread, even involving the Italian Tourism Organization, Enit and Italian Culture Minister who immediately submit proposals to restrict the access of tourists and attract the tourist tax in various tourist destinations.

Indeed, the advancement of tourism on the one hand so missed, on the other hand the need for a regulation, such as the Mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro apply the rules so citizens become more comfortable in their own town to provide exclusive access to ride the vaporetti (water bus).

Source: CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet, The Local
Images: S Lee


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