100 World's Best Airport 2016

Best in the world in 2016 with the award of "World Airport Awards"

Changi Airport, Singapore

The best airport in the world has always been one of the curiosity of many tourists who were in a tourist location, there is little question of whether the airport where they arrived was one of the best?

Skytrax rating agency issued a list of 100 best airports in the world, citing the official website of the World Airport Awards, the period the survey was conducted from June 2015 until February 2016 and covers 550 airports worldwide.

We know that most of the tourists in the world had stopped there, the award for best airport in 2016 in the "World Airport Awards" through a survey to 13.25 million passengers around the world with the background of the respondents came from 106 countries.

1 Singapore Changi Airport
2 Incheon International Airport
3 Munich Airport
4 Tokyo Haneda International Airport
5 Hong Kong International Airport
6 Centrair Airport
7 Zurich Airport
8 London Heathrow Airport
9 Kansai International Airport
10 Hamad Doha Airport

11 Narita International Airport
12 Frankfurt Airport
13 Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
14 Vancouver Airport
15 Helsinki Airport
16 Beijing Capital Airport
17 Brisbane Airport
18 Copenhagen Airport
19 Cologne/Bonn Airport
20 Taiwan Taoyuan Airport

21 Auckland Airport
22 Cape Town Airport
23 Sydney Airport
24 Kuala Lumpur International Airport
25 Melbourne Airport
26 Dubai Airport
27 Barcelona Airport
28 Denver Airport
29 Vienna Airport
30 Johannesburg International Airport

31 Madrid-Barajas Airport
32 Cincinnati/Kentucky Airport
33 Paris CDG Airport
34 Shanghai Hongqiao Airport
35 Durban Airport
36 Bangkok Suvarnabhummi International Airport
37 San Francisco Airport
38 Abu Dhabi Airport
39 Dusseldorf Airport
40 Hamburg Airport

41 London City Airport
42 Gimpo International Airport
43 Hartsfield-Jackson Airport
44 Toronto Pearson Airport
45 Gatwick Airport
46 Bogota El Dorado Airport
47 Bahrain Airport
48 Xi'an Airport
49 Lima Airport
50 Chengdu Airport

51 Christchurch Airport
52 Haikou Meilan Airport
53 Moscow Domodedovo International Airport
54 Seattle-Tacoma Airport
55 Gold Coast Airport
56 Oslo Airport
57 Lisbon Airport
58 Dallas Fort Worth International Airport
59 New York JFK Airport
60 Athens International Airport

61 Halifax Stanfield Airport
62 Quito International Airport
63 Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport
64 Mumbai International Airport
65 Guayaquil Airport
66 Delhi International Airport
67 Stockholm Arlanda Airport
68 Hyderabad Airport
69 Adelaide Airport
70 Porto Airport

71 Houston George Bush Airport
72 Keflavik International Airport
73 Perth Airport
74 Bengaluru Airport
75 Minneapolis St Paul Airport
76 Budapest International Airport
77 Shenzhen Airport
78 Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport
79 Billund Airport
80 Dublin Airport

81 Sanya Phoenix Airport
82 Hanoi Noi Bai Airport
83 Brussels Airport
84 Nice Airport
85 Guangzhou Airport
86 Panama Tocumen Airport
87 Birmingham Airport
88 Montréal International Airport
89 Detroit Airport
90 Manchester Airport

91 Los Angeles Airport
92 Malta International Airport
93 Prague Airport
94 Muscat International Airport
95 Stansted Airport
96 Geneva International Airport
97 Boston Logan Airport
98 Fukuoka Airport
99 Luxembourg Airport
100 Kazan International Airport

Interesting survey of Skytrax which gives lots of hints and descriptions for the tourists about the airports in the world, is based on experience of travelers at the airport starting from when shopping at the airport until the affairs of the immigration department.

(Source Kompas Travel, Skytrax /Image M Kretyawan)


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