Drinking iced tea while riding a taxi in Japan

Taxis will operate up to 4 August

Ginza, Tokyo

Walking around in Tokyo or in general in major cities in Japan will receive additional services such as iced lemon tea from the taxi company in cooperation with tea producer, Suntory.

You can enjoy it while walking around the crowd of Shinjuku or Ginza neighborhood, it will be fun. Walking around in the heat of the blazing around you as well as along a special friend, even if you want to relax in the indoor café or may remain silent at the hotel only.

But. Feel free to enjoy iced tea, according to excerpts of news from The Daily Meal, this is the latest creation from the taxi company to attract the passengers out of the comfort of a hotel, and around the city. You can not call the passengers around you, but a worthy idea given appreciation. They are fabulous and well-deserved ice lemon tea to accompany in the heat around the city crowd.

Indeed attendance enthusiasm of the incoming passengers, as it said on the site Rocket News 24 that calls that unique cab with the name 'Lemon Hospitality Taxies'.

Enjoy the special flavor of a bottle of iced lemon tea, the fan, and a pair of slippers, the coolness of cold water enters the mouth and give a taste of lemon shake your tongue, fresh feeling inside every pore in your body.

Well, no need to wait for long, when tourists are in Tokyo, you'll find a bright green taxi by color in a bottle of lemon tea, iced tea will accompany the warm journey in the city but at the same time refreshing the body.

That is good.

Source: L Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, The Daily Meal, Rocket News
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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