Choosing a Restaurant based on the Pokémon

The selection of the Pokémon GO gamer when they go to a restaurant

Pokémon gathering

Madness of the Pokémon GO game has become epidemic in most countries in the world, everyone wants to be part of this game, Pokémon monster hunting.

Come on, keep looking and defeat the enemy in the virtual world, you will be able to deal with it.

But. The presence of this game makes many people moved, creations present in the minds of entrepreneurs, many creative opportunities for profit. There are many ways, as written in the lifestyle website, CNN Indonesia, some restaurant creates a unique food Pokémon and Pokéball shaped, also they invite gathered to search for that virtual monsters.

Even an article from Business Insider, said the role of cyberspace in popularizing the game, that the major impact for restaurants in the United States, especially culinary entrepreneurs, such as L'inizio Pizza Bar, Long Island or a beer manufacturer, Actual Brewing Company. They know the wishes of the players, they want to eat (or drink) in a place where the monsters present from the virtual world around a restaurant.

A pattern develops, culinary entrepreneurs simply create a tweet or status updates on a social media site pages, and wait for the invasion of the gamers, they seek out and hunt Pokémon monsters in their restaurant!

How will it affect the tourists who also were in a tourist destination, come and join immediately hunt there, and try some of the specialties of a restaurant.

And the consumer with you immediately come by itself, in droves. The monster hunters come and eat.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Business Insider /Image Cyclonebiskit at Wikipedia)


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