Beer Producers make a Pokémon Go Safari Tour

Pokémon hunter increasingly spread everywhere along with Pikachu and friends

Pokémon GO gathering

Play the popular game Pokémon GO intensify everywhere, because Pikachu present to bring his friends to help you getting excited and upset, where animated monsters are hiding, and bring you adventure everywhere.

The world is getting excited by their presence, Pikachu was remarkable. But. Playing this game makes people more able to socialize with fellow gamers.

The popularity seems to get a response from various institutions, including a beer manufacturer named Actual Brewing Company plans to make a mini tour by bus of beer while playing Pokémon GO. You will be asked if it is interested in starting on Sunday, July 17 next, maybe you're interested.

Companies creative opportunities in their promotion, the activity surrounding the few places in the area around this brewery, and the participants, the PokéTrainers can search for pokémon while accompanied by the company's flagship beer.

As mentioned in the company's official website, "In this three-hour tour, participants will visit the PokéStops, searching for hidden pokémon as generally happens in this game."

The fascinating tour, especially if you are over the age of 21 years and enjoyed a beer while playing Pokémon GO, but the need to prepare for the cost of the tour, the organizer of this event to the participants put up prices of US $ 37.5.

It turns out the game play can be an inspiration or ideas for many parties, including Pokémon GO, other than this beer company, there are other companies doing similar things, for example, a restaurant owner named Anne Williams and several other restaurants, so that their restaurants are located near PokéStops feel lucky swamped with (gamer) visitors.

Popular games which makes fever broadly, there are pros and cons, but the growing number of ways, a good idea for anyone to welcome this game. Happy hunting!

(Source E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Actual Brewing Co /Image Cyclonebiskit at Wikipedia)


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