"Jesus Beer" As the Main Attraction of Travel

Creation of a smallest beer factory in Israel, Herzl Brewery

Herzl Beer

Enjoy and drinking beer can be considered as one way to spend the day for most people, for example in Japan, has become a tradition to drink beer after coming home from the office or work place in a bar or other drinking venues.

Likewise tradition of drinking beer has become one of the common sight in Germany, so it is known as the celebration of drinking beer, "October Fest" which became a legend for beer drinkers and enthusiasts.

Well, many ways of serving beer for the fans, so the idea of ​​developing a beer factory in Israel, they worked hard for six months to find a different flavor. With the support of higher education institutions, using wheat developed by the University of Tel Aviv from the same strain, as it is used by people of the Holy Land of Jerusalem two thousand years ago, to produce beer.

According to excerpts of articles from Reuters, today, the creativity of the brewer it provides a unique flavor, there is a little taste of honey and berries in beer that containing alcohol as much as 3 percent only. Of course there is the involvement of the university who donated 5 kilograms of wheat complete with hops, yeast, and water.

As said by Itai Gutman, owner of Herzl Brewery, "The beer has a unique flavor and makes a lot of people are curious to try."

Of course, who would not want to try, a beer at a time thousands of years ago, is close to the day-to-day local population who lives there.

Travelers who are visiting, and fond of this drink, certainly will not miss the opportunity to try, a typical drink with a unique promotion, as "Jesus" Beer, a good way of marketing, the beers were once enjoyed in the era of the life of Jesus there.

(Source L Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, Reuters /Image Herzl Brewery)


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