Photographing Creepy Ghost in The Stanley Hotel

Photos of the work of a weekend tourists who were there

The Stanley Hotel, Colorado

Weekend at the hotel are common and usually carried by the tourists who were in a tourist area of ​​the city, often in the event with family or people nearby.

A traveler named Henry Yau spend the weekend with his wife at the The Stanley Hotel, Colorado, a hotel built in 1909, was known by certain circles as the supernatural hotel.

Being in Colorado with a reputation as a haunted inn.

Even a class novelist Stephen King once wrote a novel with the inspiration of this hotel, titled "The Shining" and directly enhance the hotel's reputation among tourists who enjoy a specific challenge in their trip.

A Ghost on the Stairs by Henry Yau

Well, Henry Yau indeed fortunate, because being able to get a photo of a ghost. Several series of photographs obtained, then uploaded to the Facebook, seen a few sightings of the photos taken from his cellphone.

Henry was surprised by one of the pictures he took, on one of the main staircase, Yau said he did not feel something is wrong when shooting in a quiet atmosphere and not someone else there, but the reality is different. A figure dressed in black standing at the end of the stairs.

Do you believe with the photograph by Henry Yau? Henry believes that the hotel is haunted, so he posted. Look at the circle, creepy, isn't it?

(Source F Shafa - Detik Travel, Henry Yau /Images The Stanley, Henry Yau)


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