There is a Small Hole in the Window of the Plane

View from the window of the plane, often forgotten there was a small hole there

Onward travel by air has become one of the means undertaken by many tourists from around the world, in addition to fast and convenient, also fulfill a dream you can achieve a preferred tourist place.

Holiday travel is always fun, a dream come true, and once you get a seat by the window of the plane next to you, something beautiful when seeing the sights of air around the heights, until the clouds are drifting.

Exciting, isn't it, especially if you really want to get rid of boredom, and a view of the sky highway enthusiasts, it was luck.

But. Try to observe a minute, there is a small hole in the glass. And the question why there is a small hole in the glass window of the plane?

Citing an article from a senior flying observer at a tourist site, Kompas Travel, today, said that the hole in the glass is included in the section "Air Condition & Pressurization System", is a system that regulates the ambient temperature and pressure inside the cabin and the outside air as comfortable as possible as in the atmosphere.

When the plane gets higher, the air temperature will be reduced; at an altitude of 1,000 feet, the temperature will be reduced by one degree. So you feel the impact, comfort for passengers, that hole will serve to equalize the air pressure in the air as on the ground.

There are other things, so the article is written, the other functions of a small hole in the window of the plane is to prevent air fogged glass called a de-icing system.

Travelers will enjoy the trip, airplane technology to follow the needs of the passengers, environmental change is rapid, convenient and enjoyable for some people and all, the cabin crew and the passengers. The trip can take place well, all everybody happy.

(Source WA Prodjo - Kompas Travel /Image L Priyanti)


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