PLUS Hostel, the Traveling of Florence

Walk in the blue continent, especially to Florence

The streets of Florence, mostly built of river rock or stone mountain, around the small square in Piazza San Giovanni, where pigeons crowd gathered waiting for food.

Continue walking and you will find ice cream shops, souvenir and art shop, restaurant, and eventually arrived in Piazza della Signoria, a broad field with many tourists. In fact, you'll find statues tasteful art on display at the gallery including a replica of the statue of "David" sculpture of Michaelangelo.

Not quite up there, you want to find a comfortable place to stay, of course.

Prices were friendly for the audience walks, ranging from 25 USD, hostels are well worth a visit with the appropriate facilities, free WiFi, restaurant, bar, café, free city maps, fitness center, swimming pool, and a discotheque.

Of course staying in a hostel is a simple choice to save the travel budget for a walk in mainland Europe, found a nice hostel, which provides excellent service and fun for all travelers on the continent.

In fact, you want to enjoy the live music, or culinary uniqueness, and who knows to get free food and so on. It was a record trip full of surprise. And visits in Florence can be part of fused in the course of European travel.

Characteristic of the cities in Europe, stay in the right place, blend with the environment, the cities with the river on either side of your path, boutiques names such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Burberry, and finally when the body is tired, look for something to eat, culinary typical Italian. It will be exciting!

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