Royal FloraHolland, the 100 Years Old Flower Market

New destinations in the Netherlands to become the dream of the flower lovers

The Keukenhof in Netherlands

Tulip, yes when talking about the Netherlands is always interesting, we are talking about flowers, true. There we can satisfy ourselves with beautiful flowers, tulips.

And, always leads to the Keukenhof flower gardens.

This time we are worthy to consider a new location that is able to tempt the flower lovers from around the world, located just outside Amsterdam, and became the center of the distribution of millions of flowers in the Netherlands. A place called Royal FloraHolland, and has been in operation since 1911.

Perhaps you can consider a visit to this place, would need to prepare for entrance tickets, as written in the article on Reuters, tourists have to get up before sunrise and pay US $ 8, because the market is open from 6 am.

A place that can make you spellbound, massive, 400 times the size of a football field, and in it, sold more than 20 thousand varieties of flowers and plants.

Keukenhof, the largest flower garden in the Netherlands

One of its merits is a crowd when it opened auction best flowers, the atmosphere is very crowded, then the flowers delivered worldwide, for the customer. Do not be surprised if later you see this flower comes in a wedding ceremony in London, birthday or funeral in Spain in Germany, distributed via FloraHolland.

Spectacular flower market, the bustle of transactions every day, millions of colorful flowers immediately made the long journey to various destinations, in just 90 minutes according to the buyer with a transaction value of US $ 5 million per year.

Travellers who attend will be amazed at all the activities, and at the same time enjoying the beautiful flowers are passing in front of them. Gorgeous and seductive.

(Source Lesthia Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, Reuters /Images R Rumambi)


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