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Based on the summary of the experience of the tourists from all over the world

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Stay at the hotel to be one of the distinct experiences, tourists from anywhere always has a certain assumption about the hotel where they were staying. In general, many opinions have been summarized in part even be considered to have similar myths.

Let's say you want to stay at a hotel, as the quote from USA Today's website about the myths that can be remembered in your subconscious, before you book a hotel.

1. When a famous hotel said the whole room together, they are honest. No two rooms are exactly the same, from a work of Jacob Tomsky, a senior hotel employee who writes Heads in Beds: A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles and So-Called Hospitalit said it is not true. Basically each floor, have different structures, there is always a difference in the size of the rooms, the landscape changes, but all remain enrolled in the same price category.

So you are expected to be specific on when you want to book a room, on the details of the room, and be friendly to the staff front desk, said Daniel Craig, the former general manager and president at Renown.

2. When full, the hotel always had an extra empty room as a precaution. Craig said that during busy moments possibility of even more guests who booked a room, rather than rooms available.

"If the hotel said it was full, it means full," said Craig. The hotel owner puts priority filled hotel perfect (perfect fill). There is no exception, and a room is really full.

3. Can be upgraded automatically if told at the hotel that you're on a honeymoon. Tomsky acceptable explanation, he said, "No way!"

You need to remember that the hotel will always seek to increase bookings for many other special occasions, such as weddings, anniversary parties, birthday parties, or any other occasion. If they can help, certainly helped, but do not expect. Situations may change, because the hotel could ignore you.

4. The price is cheaper if booked directly to the hotel rather than through an online travel agency (OTA). Nonsense. Craig opinion makes clear, "Because there is a parity clause in the agreement between the hotel and the OTA, the hotel is bound contractually obliged not to sell below the price of OTA."

Keep the tourists gather information in advance, travelers looking for a better deal. Traveler shopping in OTA, then call the hotel directly, and give the price. Be prepared to be flexible if the hotel does not want to lower the price, and immediately find another hotel.

5. On certain nights, automatically becomes more expensive. Listen to the Tomsky’s opinion, the hotel business is interesting, "A generally set prices based algorithm based on availability, no matter Wednesday or Saturday. If the bed has been filled, the price goes up. In addition, there are thousands of meetings and office meetings take place every week, and on weekends, almost unconscious all.

Well, if you really want to find a room, there is an ingenious way on a particular day, namely on Sunday night, because the night at times like this the least expensive because the most difficult to expect the full room.

Now five myths that you can understand the above, basically the hotel are pure business services institutions, they offer lodging services, but in the end they are concerned with their own business. In other words, the expected room is always full, whoever their guests with accompanying reasons.

(Source S Galikano – CNN Indonesia, USA Today /Image B Handoko)


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