Vacation with Fingerprint in Japan

Fingerprint technology development for the tourists who are visiting

Ginza, Tokyo

Stay at the hotel only requires fingerprint evidence alone, and you immediately get services from selected hotels in Japan, is a pilot project that is being introduced widely and gradually throughout Japan for tourists and visitors.

Perhaps you have been accustomed to using credit cards or other cards in conducting transactions in various places when being traveled in a spot destination, Japan saw a different way with the development of fingerprint technology.

Citing an article in Japan News, April 11th, 2016 were reviewed by a travel website, Detik Travel, writes that development for tourists who will be asked some personal data along with their credit or debit card to activate the system, including information on passports and more. So they do not need to issue passports again if needed.

The impact will be immense, they can access it at the store to the hotel, when shopping, tourists quite put a finger on the machine, and all the details of groceries can be directly known. It can even be used to replace a passport at hotel check-in, because already during the process at the airport, the passport has been recorded automatically.

At this time has recorded 300 stores adopting this technology, we will see a transition from a credit card technology move to fingerprint technology. Interesting things behind from the application of this technology, we no longer hear of people losing their credit card.

Japan will precede this technology widely at the time of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020, and tourists who come to visit certainly feel more comfortable when they are traveling in Japan.

(Source F Shafa - Detik Travel, Japan News /Image M Paath Djojonegoro)


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