William and Kate visit Taj Mahal

In order to commemorate Princess Diana

Taj Mahal

Lady Di been to this spectacular place, and become the memories for the her fans, and especially for his son, William, would take his wife, Kate on the way memories are draining feeling for both.

As ever recorded in the history of the Princess, two decades ago the British public's favorite daughter, the Princess recorded posing sitting alone in grief at the Taj Mahal, an extraordinary moment at the time.

Taj Mahal is known as the building known as the monument of love that, in 1992, and the news coverage of the world, attracting the attention of all the lover. Pose and the princess's face at that moment has drawn inspiration from many sources, deep sadness.

The son, William can understand the inner atmosphere of the mother, he respects the long history that has passed. As the quote from news sites, Reuters, a spokesman for the United Kingdom said, "The Duke of Cambridge of course aware of the memories of the late mother there. He appreciated the iconic building, especially because Princess Diana ever comes to visit."

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You can imagine how he felt, when sometime in the past the mother was there. Citing a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, he was fortunate to visit the Taj Mahal, the place where most memories of her mother remembered by many people who visit there.

Taj Mahal is a beautiful place, and create new memories for him there, and the couples, William and Kate thanked local people who greeted them.

(Source Megiza - CNN Indonesia, Reuters /Images L Pandjaitan)


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