Queued guest, Naked Restaurants in London

The Bunyadi, opened officially began in June 2016

Restaurants that accept bare guests who becomes the object of an interesting conversation, invite curiosity, and what kind of atmosphere can be built, immediately make a scene fans, currently estimated to guests who queued has reached approximately 16,000 people.

Maybe in other eating places, we are challenged to match the type of clothing that is used when invited to dinner, but at this point all was running instead.

Citing an article in a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, a restaurant called The Bunyadi, citing People sites, meaning that in one sentence of the Hindu which means base, fundamental or natural.

In addition to the basic idea to undress, still there is a temptation for guests, with the words "free of cell phones, electric light, and even clothing (optional) and see all over, from the beginning when everything was new, free, and no falsified trap modern life."
(Guests were dressed and not dressed to be separated, and will be provided a locker room for the second option).

It is tempting, isn't it? Founder and owner of this restaurant, Seb Lyall, owner of Lollipop, the company managing the restaurant to International Business Times, said, "We are working very hard to design a space where customers can feel protected naked."

When you look at the intro of this restaurant, before opening officially in June, the guests did not think about the details of food they would earn, whether the food is processed or cooked on firewood. Even if they accept guests with vegetarian and non vegetarian food?

Can not wait to be able to be there, certainly with the queue first.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, People /Image The Bunyadi Page)


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