A Restaurant in New York Banned Eating in Place

"Ando" restaurant dedicated as a ‘delivery restaurant’ for its costumers

Times Square, New York

Delivery service became one of the methods for many restaurants in the whole world, we would not be surprised if you see a restaurant at the time was a walk in the city center. Certainly there is no reason for customers why they want to request it, want it fast or want immediately passed to another place.

It is not unusual, because for some people there is always also the reason at the time to a restaurant, for example with a reason to relax, while eating with the family or other reasons.

Do not be surprised if later we saw a restaurant that has the interior design and decoration is very special, comfortable atmosphere, making people often linger eating food.

For once, you will be surprised with a ramen restaurant in New York, who has type as 'delivery restaurant' where all foods can be enjoyed by consumers through home delivery.

A unique idea, and a little strange, because they prohibit customers to eat on location or in the restaurant, is a David Chang, the brain behind the strange idea, he was a chef of the restaurant chain's leading ramen, Momofuku, in New York.

Peoples at the Rockefeller Plaza, New York

He wants to look different with the times, "Ando" is the answer to the culinary industry on consumer demand for food grain quality, practical, and affordable. They have a unique menu works of Chang and J.J Basil, a former chef at WD-50, a restaurant owned by Wylie Dufresne, the mainstay of the menu is fried chicken, cheesesteak, and mapo tofu.

Play around in the city center and met "Ando", if you only want to enjoy the cake, they provide three types of pastry sold exclusively as the work of Christina Tosi.

Following a quote from the Daily Meal, Chang said, "The restaurant will accept orders via smart phone applications and make deliveries using the online-based cab service."

So it goes, tasted strange, but consider the time of the change is logical. You want to, don’t you?

(Source L Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, Daily Meal /Images L Priyanti)


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