Dubai enforce Airport Tax for Passenger Aircraft

Applicable officially began on July 1, 2016

Airport in Middle East

Taxes for air passengers has indeed been gradually eliminated at many airports in the world, apparently you will find different things when it will use the services of Dubai airport. Naturally need to get an official explanation from the relevant airport authorities, so that passengers do not be surprised on the implementation of the new policy.

The amount of the bill for passengers after the airport was hit by a tax of AED 35 or equivalent to USD 9.85, although not all passengers are charged, such as the air crew, children under 2 years old and transit passengers.

But. Predictably then when passengers who will leave at the time, they would be traveling from Dubai airport get a little surprised, though will accept it as part of the obligations of the passenger. Citing articles from the Gulf News site, almost all the airports in the region barely known the term ‘airport tax’.

Check in Counter

Public service users for flights from Dubai Airport necessarily need to adapt, such as excerpts from the local media, the discourse has been delivered by the King of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum at the moment of the previous time.

Users of the airport services continues to grow, certainly will be a lot of further development, construction and expansion of airports, travel the world can respond appropriately.

Traveled to Dubai or the surrounding area continues to be one of the goals, there is always the exotic side waiting there. Maybe you want to be there, one day.

(Source F Shafa - Detik Travel, Gulf News /Images T El Rosda - Dubai)


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