In This Country is Forbidden to Give Tip

Several countries in the world consider tipping is not common

A resto in Sydney, Australia

Tipping may already be considered as part of travel for passengers using some specific services, for example, when staying in a hotel or some activity on where to eat.

Perhaps you've experienced it, and has been preparing for related matters tipping, even for the most tourists in the world, they take them for granted.

But a survey conducted by TripAdvisor report, that there were indeed citizens of a country that used to give a tip, for example, most Americans (60%) gave a tip for services and the services they receive.

Well, you'll find it different from an article from Business Insider as quoted from Kompas Bisnis, Wednesday, April 6, 2016, there are some states that prohibit the practice of tipping.

1. Australia - Tipping is voluntary in this country, because the shopping receipts include service charge and tip voluntary. The average income is high enough waitresses reached 15.38 US dollars.

2. Belgium - Tipping is not a common thing, because the service sector has included the service charge in the bill to consumers, such as in restaurants, salons, and taxis.

3. China - They consider it disrespectful, and not uncommon. Although the tourism industry has been changing gradually, related to the income of the tour guides.

4. Denmark - The country is applying the rules and laws about the service charge included tip must be included in the price at the restaurant. Besides wage in this country is high, so that they hardly ask for a tip.

Sashimi resto, Tokyo

5. Japan - The staff or waitress refuse tip or "chippu" in the local language. If it really wants to give, put the money into an envelope or paper.

6. Malaysia - The rules in this country set a 10 percent service charge included in the bill, which includes tips and other expenses. Customers tipped secretly in some places, such as clubs, bars, or lounges.

Certainly interesting, especially for tourists who have visited the countries above, different experiences and give other views and enrich the knowledge about the journey itself.

(Source SR Diah Setiawan - Kompas Bisnis, Business Insider /Images S Lee, M Paath Djojonegoro)


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