Most Annoying Passengers on Aircraft

Air travel is always the top choice of tourists, thus experiencing annoying things

Annoying air passengers always exist everywhere, especially for tourists who love travel to various places in the world, anywhere. Such type of travelers rely heavily on air travel, so no wonder they most meet passenger types like this ..

Air travel is tempting, in addition to convenient, safe and fast to its destination.

Through the experiences of passengers and tourists, we can tell if the selection also determines the way in air-conditioned comfort. Perhaps the airline with wide-bodied aircraft facility can provide the type of seat is spacious and airy, even then there is always specific things to be found.

It turned out that the main factors that can disrupt airline passengers is the attitude of the passengers, it was revealed from the Study of Flight Ethics conducted through a survey by Expedia.

Head of Communication Expedia, Sarah Gavin, as quoted by CNN said, "In a Flight Ethics survey, we find out the habits in the plane that often make passenger stress. We were surprised the monopolist chair arm was not included again in the list."

The bad experience is often found passengers who tapped his foot to the back of the passenger seat in front of it becomes a habit that is considered the most annoying. The survey found 61 percent of Americans said it was very disturbing.

The other thing is the passenger who let their children disturbing other passengers in the cabin, then let run around the aircraft aisle is considered as the most frustrating thing.

Here are the results of a survey of interest to anyone who like air travel which summarizes 17 passengers behavior.

1. The Kicker seats - 61%
2. The Parents who neglect their kids- 59%
3. The Body odor aroma - 50%
4. The Maker of loud voice - 50%
5. Alcoholic beverages connoisseurs that offered on the plane - 45%

6. The Chatterbox - 43%
7. The Carrier bag of shopping - 38%
8. Passengers in a hurry when getting off the plane - 35%
9. Passengers who leaned his/her chair - 32%
10. Passengers who store goods in the cabin is not the place - 32%

11. The Spicy foods carrier - 30%
12. Towing seats when walking - 27%
13. Someone who likes to show affection - 26%
14. Release of shoes or socks - 26%
15. Visitors who routinely to the bathroom - 24%

16. Someone that always greet passengers - 13%
17. Someone who likes to change seat - 13%

Hopefully, maybe someone you know included in the list above. Just joking... However, the above results are very interesting, considering we may experience, anywhere, anytime.

(Source Megiza - CNN Indonesia, CNN /Images B Pratikto, Garuda Indonesia)


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