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Pho Noodles

Typical food of Vietnam turned out to be slowly able to grab the attention of United States citizens, among others, can be seen the presence of Vietnamese origin eating places in the city of Denver and Seattle. Apparently they can customize the type of herbs included in these foods.

If you try it, it must go to a Vietnamese restaurant, choose this meal, you certainly can agree with the American public. We certainly reminded of the presence of pizza in America in the era after the second world war, and then gradually became a popular food in Uncle Sam's land.

Citing sites Ad Week, April 29, that the public is looking for this food through a search site, measured by growth, velocity, and acceleration of the search from year to year, related to food each month from January 2014 to January 2016.

Pho is a kind of typical Vietnamese noodle, the last decade, its popularity continues to grow each year, especially in 2013, seen from a search through the site increased by 11 percent.

Do you wonder why? Internet user community seems to have a sense of curiosity, what is the difference between these foods by type of food from China, such as dumplings noodles and fried rice noodles.

Chinese Dumplings

Furthermore apparently they figure out how to make it, and then try it on the weekend. Are you able to give the recipe and ingredients necessary for Vietnam's traditional foods?

Indeed there are several versions, but in general can be found how, Pho is a noodle concoction of boiled with the main seasoning in the sauce, cumin, mace flowers and cinnamon. Generally consists of, noodles made from rice flour, thin slices of beef and bean sprouts, equipped with a sprinkling of leaves of herbs such as chives, celery, cilantro and mint flavors, creating fresh and lean.

Believe me, you'll love this food, eat when it rains or when the air is so cool and cold around you, although at first hesitated, but when the spice blend to fill the cavity mouth, tongue immediately reacted, hot sauce with the aroma of spices is pushed when the hot steam steaming noodles from your bowl. Hmm, delicious!

(Source Andi AD Rahmawati - Detik Food, Ad Week /Images A Soekirno, N Pomegranate Gurning)


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