Kids as the Determinant Decisions of a Vacation Spot

As one of the considerations when you want a family holiday

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A family holiday with the whole family nearby, and children are the main determinants that create happiness for all, their presence would make such a meaningful holiday events.

Now comes the fateful day of vacation location, if you will ask for their opinion, your beloved children?

This time a survey of Lonely Planet, said that the children are now is the biggest decision makers when choosing a holiday location. The results were striking through the survey said that one in three parents (29 percent) said they allow their children to decide where they are going on holiday each year.

The results of a survey of sites describe the results more clearly, because it expresses the fact that one of the two parents (51 percent) felt under pressure from their children to choose a specific location.

As an overview of the survey conducted on 2020 parents, provide many interesting facts about their children in the determination of a family vacation spot.

As the quote from the sites CNN Indonesia, Annie Wilson, of Kayak travel experts said, "Research shows that many parents have felt under significant pressure to give the kids a vacation they want, at a time which enables them to keep in touch with friends friends in school."

Some other picture of the survey also shows that parents with children under the age of 18 years found that 22 percent of their children wanted to go to a vacation spot that has been visited by their friends. The role of television added more results, as 21 percent chose a popular spot on television, and 19 percent wanted to go back to places that they've visited.

What about the role of social media? True, about 10 percent of the children said that their holiday location of choice is also influenced by social media.

Parents need to have clear boundaries, so suggestions from the survey results, act firmly against the budget cost, so the holiday could take place without sacrificing excessive costs. Of course you want to implement a family holiday with a happy, well-planned, and fun for all the dearest family members.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet, Kayak Travel /Image Tiarma P Naibaho)


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