10 Airlines with the Best Economy Class in the World

Class in the aircraft cabin that became one of the choices of the tourists

Garuda Indonesia aircraft cabin

Economy Class in the flight of an aircraft can be the first choice for most travelers who frequently travel to various tourist spots in the world, they care about the price, discount and others who facilitate the trip.

In fact I would consider all, if there is a bid to get on a plane with economy class, why not, right? There is always a lot of unique experience in the aircraft cabin in this class, try to get through it you will love it.

Regardless you may want to choose a class that is more prestige, such as business class or executive class. It's all back to the tastes or personal choice.

An airlines rating agencies, Skytrax, conducted various options to suit various grade rating on the flight, one of its category in the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2016 is the Best Airlines with Economy Class.

Furthermore certainly can see various lists as presented on the agency's website, Wednesday, July 13, 2016, based on the product of the class and the service of staff in that class.

Certainly we can find out the various categories of the rating of the various airlines in the world, and for best economy class can be seen as below.

1. Asiana Airlines
2. Qatar Airways
3. Singapore Airlines
4. Cathay Pacific
5. Emirates

6. Thai Airways
7. Turkish Airlines
8. Etihad Airways
9. ANA All Nippon Airways
10. Garuda Indonesia

Indeed, a variety of serious business and professional work of the various airlines in the world that makes them deserve the good rating, as conveyed in the annual results of Skytrax.

Although all provide convenience in selecting, but returned to the tourists themselves, when they travel to many interesting places in the world, sometimes the choice of a personal nature can determine a best trip.

(Source F Safa - Detik Travel, Skytrax /Image Garuda Indonesia)


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