Are You Afraid Traveling by Plane?

One in six adults suffering from aviophobia or aerophobia

Garuda flight to Bali

Fear while on a plane seems to be a uniqueness to some people, even according to an article from the travel columnist James Wysong, on the NBC News sites that this phenomenon which occurs in one out of six adults.

As written by a female journalist on KompasTravel sites, citing the article, that the columnist had met with a man carrying a large backpack, which may surprise you, because chances are he carries a parachute placed under the seat.

Terrific, isn't it? Maybe you will wonder whether it is so afraid of that passengers? Do not be embarrassed, because 35 percent of cabin crew, including flight attendants and pilots are also experiencing the same fears.

For example a source that can create fear, like at a certain height, strange noises, crowded situations, or even terrorism.

Okay, let's see some useful tips.

Choose a seat in the front cabin. Because of the turbulence will be more pronounced if you are sitting in the rear.

Take (or choose) the large-bodied aircraft. The larger the airplane, the shock was more minimal.

Think of turbulence such as damaged roads. Have you been in an ugly street car ride? Well, as it happens. All will pass, do not worry.

Watching a movie. A great way to divert attention, also in other ways such as reading a book, or listening to music while close your eyes and open your mind with many other things.

Avoid caffeinated beverages. Such as coffee and tea will make your heart beat faster and not be able to rest, sleep.

Drink mineral water. Flights can lead to dehydration, or perhaps try a glass of wine. Avoid drinking alcohol, little may be, but do not go overboard.

Breathe regularly. Of course this is good, stay calm, and make yourself in comfort in flight. Cheer up.

Flights should walk as you're in the car running, calm your heart, and all will be well underway. Travel trips should be able encouraging for you and your traveling companions, especially family members.

(Source S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, NBC News /Image Garuda Indonesia)


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