Restaurants capture their customers using Pokémon GO

The new way of restaurants in the United States in the search for new customers

Times Square, New York

Augmented reality game Pokémon GO from Niantic, Inc has truly made the world was shocked, fever hit most large urban communities, the users (the gamers) continues to move search and get the desired character, so it is claimed to be healthy and can reduce depression.

Indeed, such things happen, they locate the PokéStops (where 'Pokémon monster' can be caught) in a number of locations, such as offices, hallways, streets, grass, and even places of entertainment such as cinemas, restaurants and more.

Anywhere they want. Terrific, isn't it?

Well, something like this be an idea for many people, the public widely, even among businessmen of food and beverages.

They saw an opportunity to bring in new customers as much as possible, regardless of the pros and cons, some businessmen who are taking advantage of the appeal of this game to benefit their businesses.

As written in a previous article yesterday, Sarah Anne Williams the owner of the restaurant, said that the restaurant business increased rapidly by 10 percent since the game was launched, only through a tweet on her Twitter account.

An article in a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia writing through an excerpt articles on Eater, about a pizza restaurant in New York was even getting a fantastic advantage, their profits increased by 75 percent during the week of the emergence of these games, as well as a similar case in L'inizio Pizza Bar, Long Island to pay about $ 10 to give a sort of 'clue', that at their restaurant have attended the Pokémons.

And, predictably the pokémon hunters came in droves, the crowd suddenly everywhere around, it was a pleasant situation for the restaurant owner. Because the hunters will arrive and immediately hunt, as well as eating and drinking, of course!

Do not be surprised if we will often see a lot of promotion (of pokémon monster) from various 'hangout' places in many other social media, the restaurant is definitely a pioneer, and others will follow.

Let's hunt!

(Source A Khoiri - CNN Indonesia, Business Insider, Eater /Image L Sianipar)


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