Papa Smurf transform Hong Kong into a Smurf Village

'Magic potion' that in the blink of an eye Hong Kong change to blue

Smurf lined up to welcome guests - Photo credit Hong Kong Tourism Board

Smurf is synonymous with distinctive blue color, you will love these cute creatures, small and able to tempt anyone to play, have accompanied many children from around the world present in their imagination.

This time they are present in Hong Kong, starting on July 13 until August 9, 2016 on the initiative of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, as the quote articles from a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, writes about the creatures of Peyo in 1958 is to enliven Asian Art Tour summer in Harbour City, Hong Kong.

Trust me, this city shine with the laughter of these blue creatures in their white hat.

Hongkong tempt anyone, including tourists who are visiting, and when they have the opportunity, these blue creatures utter magical spells and use the 'magic potion' for changing the Ocean Terminal Forecourt in Harbour City into a Smurf Village.

Wow, all blue!

Who is not happy to feel the different atmosphere, please don't! Lets enjoy and feel the experience of living in the world of smurf that is real in front of you. They, the small blue run to and fro, and say, "Hi ..."

They greet from a height, and visitors happy, they are only as tall as three apples, even they can be transformed into a giant four meters high.

An unique atmosphere of Smurf Village, just come into their village, there is a six meters mushroom houses building. Meet friends Smurf that widely known by children from around the world, and learn their papa Smurf magical spells who can defeat evil of Gargamel and Azrael.

Good opportunity for tourists who had planned to attend in Hong Kong, met the Smurfette and her other friends. You'll feel blue in your heart.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Hong Kong Tourism Board /Image Hong Kong Tourism Board)


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