Tourists Favor "Smartphone" than Their Couples

The survey from sites to 9,200 tourists from the United States

Smartphones are more important than their partners when traveling, so a given fact of a Mobile Travel Tracker survey, and the results surprising though understandable, 76 percent of travelers prefer to carry a smartphone than their partner.

Of course we will be smiling at these facts, the tourists seem to have unique side in everyday life when traveling, you will understand it.

It was also revealed that tourists find it more important to use a smartphone instead of sunbathing at the beach. They will spend 2.5 hours to sunbathe during the holidays, but spending 3.5 hours when using a smartphone.

Other facts can be seen on the tourists in a vacation spot, as it below.

1. The use of the average smartphone during the holidays more than seven hours a day.

2. The most preferred application is the use of social media by 60 percent, instead of using a street map application, only 45 percent.

3. Travelers tend to use Facebook, 77 percent, to show off their festive holiday.

4. Smartphone is very important to them, 47 percent, because it is very helpful to find places, events, and restaurants.

5. Meanwhile, to know the weather forecast, 40 percent, is required when they want to take a walk at tourist sites.

6. Apparently there from the tourists who do not use smartphones when they are on vacation, 13 percent of them all.

Interesting fact, isn't it? But. Do not jump to conclusions, it does not mean they do not love their partner, because the further we can find out, that 43 percent of people who booked the hotel through a smartphone, 27 percent of them book while relaxing in bed with their partner.

You will also be surprised to see these results, because 10 percent of their reserve while sitting on the toilet.

Then of course everything went well. Traveled will nourish the mind, adds zest for life. And, should a travel bring positive things for you and those nearby. Certainly!

(Source Y Margaretta - Kompas Travel, Lonely Planet /Image F Benjamin - Lombok)


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