Kobe Wagyu, World's Most Expensive Meat

Wagyu is one of the most expensive types of meat from Japan

Sliced Matsusaka wagyu beef

Wagyu from the city of Kobe, Japan, so the most favored by fans of Kobe beef's origin, this meat is the kind that most special of all types of meat were categorized as wagyu. Seeing the look of the meat we would have thought this was what kind of meat?

Literally wagyu term is translated as "Japanese cow", so famous for the marble texture which is widely used for a variety of the best dish steak.

Maybe we can expand a little picture of the types of most expensive meat in the world, such as Fugu fish, Otoro Sushi, Jamon Iberico, and Chicken Cemani, for various reasons and tastes of fans made the price varies from USD 15 to USD 2500.00.

Well, Kobe Wagyu is included in the five kinds of the most expensive meat in the world, as quoted from the Foodbeast site, and always look elegant in a variety of dinners offerings at fancy and prestigious restaurants in Tokyo, Vancouver, New York or other big cities.

Ginza, Tokyo

Citing an article in a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, who writes with the passion that Kobe Wagyu is the kind of meat that most devotees, the enthusiastic chéf is able to provide the best wagyu beef dish. Despite all kinds of culinary enthusiasts are sure that nothing is more famous than the Kobe beef that goes into a row of upscale food.

The weekend always gives plenty space of imagination in your mind, if you try a variety of offerings from this meat? You can try eating strip, filet or prime ribs, and even then try a special dish of beef that is capable of providing a high standard, even before it hits your lips. And, it's very special!

(Source Megiza - CNN Indonesia, Foodbeast /Image Schellack at Wikipedia)


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