World's Most Expensive Routes from Etihad

The new service from New York City to Mumbai via Abu Dhabi on last May 1st

"The Residence" by Etihad

Expensive flights might happen to one of your travel time in moving towards an important right, and it happened on Etihad services with luxury suites "The Residence".

This flight is worth mentioning the most expensive because apart from intercontinental flight, also the shortest transit services. Quoting Mashable, one-way ticket is approximately US $ 38 thousand, available on five Airbus A380 Etihad Airways.

Although through a kind of flight, the Business Insider article mentioned, that the Etihad airline also gave expensive flight services, namely New York City flight to Sydney with a total of US $ 52 thousand, but the transit time in Abu Dhabi longer and flexible.

Say you book air travel ticket through the Etihad's website services, and a couple of search browsing of course you will get a variation of the price, based on the tax and currency exchange rates. But, you can relax using the time to observe what kind of service that can be provided by "The Residence", make sure a service like a 5-star hotel, bedroom, lounge and living room, and shower room.

Living Room, "The Residence"

Furthermore, the cabin is fully double bed with linen work of renowned designers, a spacious bathroom, a leather sofa, 32-inch flat screen television, and two dining tables. Before leaving, while at the airport, the best service awaits you, including services at the transit airport shuttle, concierge services, and access to a private lounge at the airport.

When traveling farther, and feeling tired or bored, try to enjoy their food dish, gourmet food selection works (sometimes served directly by its chef), provided a personal butler, Cognac service, and a glass of champagne.

Of course, then we can understand, the trip was indeed very expensive.

(Source S Galikano - Indonesia CNN, Mashable, Etihad /Images Etihad Airways)


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