Cities for the Culinary Enthusiasts

Travelers who like different kinds of specific foods will try this town

France culinary, Demi poulet brais avec riz et bananes plantains - illustration

Hunting the culinary in a tourist destination has become one of the motives of the tourists, especially food lovers, there's always something lacking when not to try the culinary specifics of a tourist spot.

You might be one of them, and blessed when able to enjoy once can take a walk around the world. Traveled and enjoy a variety of unique things, and bring presents stories that are not owned by anyone.

An interesting article from The Daily Meal's website, describes the story about the city or country with culinary travel destination specific.

1. Alicante, Spain - In this city you can enjoy seafood and snacks made from rice. Maybe you think it is paella, but arros. The food is processed into rice soup, crispy rice with rabbit and snails. Also you can enjoy tapas and other foods.

2. Bogota, Colombia - City colonial style with delicious meals, ranging from the type of breakfast food santafereno or hot chocolate with corn bread, white chocolate, and the contents of a chicken tamale.

3. Budapest, Hungary - A beautiful city and presents you with typical food, like Hungarian paprika, which is one of their legendary food. Then do not miss porkolt, combined with Hungarian paprika, turogomboc, cottage cheese dumplings, and fozeleks.

4. Cape Town, South Africa - The port city in the south, of course. But. You can enjoy the taste of the food was delicious, traditional food among other African boerewors and braais or sausage or South African barbeque.

5. Helsinki, Finland - Well, here you feel different sensations with European influences, Herring fish specialties and other fish, as well as venison, smoked reindeer tongue is a popular food here.

6. Kyoto, Japan - They serves Japanese specialties, such as udon noodles with a mixture of fresh shrimp and other interesting menus.

7. Nice, France - This country is known as the land of good food, a variety of Michelin-starred restaurants, such as The Cours Saleya is the food that must be tested. In fact, you will be surprised when choosing pizza as an option when you want food that is 'safe'.

8. Penang, Malaysia - The food in this country has similarities with the food in Southeast Asia countries, such as Indonesian culinary, or Vietnamese culinary, you can try the asam laksa, a spicy noodle soup with mackerel, also you can try the delicious nasi lemak.

And, all the hunting trips culinary always encouraging, maybe one day you can share interesting stories about culinary.

(Source CA Setyanti - Indonesia CNN, The Daily Meal /Image A Soekirno)


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