Kex Hostel, rhythmic merrily along the cafés

Walk in the cool air of Reykjavik with a vibrant neighborhood

Seductive wild nature open with a typical characteristic landscape of Iceland, you'll enjoy the weather with a temperature overall of 5 degrees Celsius, even when the summer hit the north country.

You will be amazed with the bandage of snow across the country, and the shadow of cold air throughout the day, but what if you decide to go to downtown Reykjavik, with a population of approximately 150,000 people?

Unbelievably, they were very friendly, and the shadow of the stories of the Vikings as if immediately vanished, the country "smoke rising into the air," as the word of the city name. You're in the city center, and forget temporarily the cities with the frenetic, such as London, Paris or other cities in the United States, New York, for example.

City of Reykjavik, and you're in the city center, listen to music everywhere, apparently they liked the music, and look for a place to stay, with attractive prices and teasing.

Kex Hostel, ranging from 22 USD, while walking a bit to the center of town and soon found it, hostels who lives with the rhythm of the music that flows from the row of cafés, even you can easily find a variety of museums, shops, bars, and music venues that offer latest CD music. Places to stay and very strategic, isn’t it?

Ah, you might even want to laze around in the hostel, it's also fun, and they are very concerned about guests, warm courtyard, meeting areas, free WiFi, a bar, a restaurant, a communal kitchen, a library, even a barbershop. If that is not enough, the manager of the hostel organizes regular events, such as comedy shows, quizzes and open mic nights.

Walk in Reykjavik is fun, cheerful hostel, corners of the city contrasting, colorful houses, warm and lively, and you feel the difference when you see the whole snowy island. Island in the North Sea, was much in there all day, and a quiet yet lively with its busy life.

Kex Hostel

Skúlagata 28
101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Phone +354 561 6060

(Source J Adrian - Kompas Travel, Smarter Travel /Images Kex Hostel Pages)


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